Assemblage pain garniture pour un sandwich gourmand

The Croust’wich concept is based on a very simple idea: assembling bread and sandwich fillings at the last moment in order to serve sandwiches of the highest quality. The taste and the crunch of bread is preserved. Fillings are fresh and visually attractive. Our material allows you to move from talk to action.

Croust’wich provides the solutions for economic challenges of our times:

Simplification of production: our equipment allows to produce batches of sandwiches and to conserve fillings for a long time

Waste reduction: thanks to the preservation of sandwich fillings up to 36 hours

Increase of sales: Croust’wich guarantees an attractive offer. A beautiful sandwich filling influences purchase and a quality meal ensures loyalty.

Fast service and efficiency: our equipment allows to serve a quality sandwich in less than 25 seconds.

It also responds to current customer trends. The presentation of a gourmet sandwich filling without bread is a guarantee of quality and freshness: consumers will see what they are about to taste. The fact of assembling a sandwich right in front of your client adds fun and authentic aspect to the act of purchase.   

Concept snacking d'assemblage pain garniture