Assemblage pain garniture pour un sandwich gourmand

Professional snacking trainings which suit your needs

Croust’wich, certified training organisation, offers you various snacking trainings between 2 and 7 days. During our trainings you will learn how to prepare and use the Croust’wich concept, as well as the optimisation of a snacking corner in your shop. Our trainers will show you all the necessary tips and tricks. They will also deliver you first sandwich recipes. 

During each training we teach you through practice, from production till client service, not forgetting about cleaning of equipment and workspace. 

The programme is adapted to your individual needs.  

Un enseignement multisite (lieu de production centralisé et points de vente séparés) est également proposé. 

formation professionnelle snacking
Formation à la production calibrée et en série
Formation snacking
Formation à l'assemblage