Our company

OR’équip is mostly known for the innovative and certified Croust’wich concept which allows you to offer to your clients freshly assembled sandwiches thanks to our unique material.

Our equipment is adapted to all bakeries, fast-food restaurants and professional snacking shops.

The Croust’wich design office can accompany you in creation and arrangement of your store.

By the virtue of our terrain expertise and knowledge in the snacking domain, we provide licensed snacking trainings approved by French government.

Annual turnover of 2,5 million euros

We are present in more than 1600 snacking stores all around the world (France, Europe, USA, Asia, …)

Small business company represented by 15 persons that share the same values

Our team

Curious about Croust’wich concept roots?

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The idea of Croust’wich concept appeared during Europain fair. France is a country of vast bread and gastronomy culture. Yet, our lunch was very disappointing: the sandwich we ate there was humid and not crunchy at all. That’s when we decided to invent a method in order to preserve the expertise of bakers and all the qualities of products, so the final consumer can be satisfied.